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HQP competition results announced

Recently we held an internal HQP competition for collaborative teams to write proposals for summer undergraduate funding. We're very excited to announce the successful applications!

"Enzyme-Catalyzed Cluster Activation for the Synthesis of Antibody-Cluster Conjugates" was submitted by Youjin, Parimah and Viv of team Nano. This team comprises HQP from the Capicciotti, Stamplecoskie, and Crudden groups.

"Metallocene Functionalized NHCs as Redox Active Films" was submitted by Eden, Jordan, Justin and Mark from team Micro. This is a tri-insitutional team from the Barry, Ragogna and Crudden groups.

We can't wait to see how this research will unfold over the summer, and look forward to presentations on the projects at the annual meeting in May.


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