About C2MCI

The Carbon to Metal Coating Institute (C2MCI) at Queen’s University is an international research, innovation, and education institute focused on developing cutting edge solutions to prevent the corrosion of metals and enable their manipulation and stabilization on nanometer scales. Our innovations improve the stability of metal-based transportation, construction and green energy infrastructure. On the micrometer and nanometer scale, they enable new manufacturing methods for microelectronics and improve the precision, safety, & effectiveness of nanomedicines in oncology.

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An international, interdisciplinary institute of research, innovation, and education excellence, focused on a transformative metal coating strategy that will reduce economic, social, and environmental costs associated with metal corrosion, and that will enable new manufacturing methods for the microelectronics industry and enhance the performance precision therapeutics.

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To become a global research leader in the development of coating materials and technology. Using an interdisciplinary approach, we will work with academic institutions, industry, government, clinicians and not-for-profits to provide cutting edge solutions and training to the next generation of highly qualified personnel (HQP). Through expedited knowledge mobilization, we will improve the stability of metal infrastructure and the performance of microelectronics and precision therapeutics to enhance human health and wellbeing. Our focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) will enrich our research and provide opportunities to equity deserving groups.

Global Reach

Canada, United States of America, Japan, United Kingdom, Finland and Sweden.

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Our network of partners include global academic research leaders from the disciplines of chemistry, physics, engineering, and medicine.

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  • 6 Canada Research Chairs

  • 5 International Team Members

  • 8 Government Partners / National Labs

  • 4 Oncologists & Clinicians

  • 5 Early Career Researchers

  • 7 Industry Partners