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The C2MCI is governed by an Executive Advisory Board (EAB) who oversee the development and delivery of the organizational strategic plan, performance management, financial oversight, and risk management. The EAB also provides high-level counsel to the Scientific Management Committee (SMC) on progress towards meeting objectives, milestones, and deliverables of the funded New Frontiers Research Fund-Transformation (NFRF-T) research program.

Finally, the EAB also appoints the Scientific Director who appoints the Managing Director. The Scientific Director and the Managing Director, work together to implement the strategic plan to achieve the institutes vision and mission. The Scientific Director (Dr. Cathleen Crudden) is a permanent voting board member, who provides scientific leadership and acts as the principal administrator for the Institute.  The Managing Director (Ms. Jyoti Kotecha) is the senior executive administrator for the C2MCI and oversees all strategic and corporate affairs and manages operations and knowledge mobilization. Board members are identified through a nomination process involving all the official partners of the C2MCI.

Current Members


Scientific Management Committee (SMC): The SMC Advises the board on the progress of C2MCI research goals, strategic direction, making recommendations for changes to better achieve those goals. Further the SMC is responsible to ensuring the research milestones and deliverables of the NFRF-T are met.


Current Members: Dr. Cathleen Crudden (Queen’s University), Dr. Chantelle Capicciotti (Queen’s University), Dr. Yolanda Hedberg (Western University), Dr. Paul Ragogna (Western University), Gang Zheng (University Health Network), Janine Mauzeroll (McGill University), Christian Moreau (Concordia), Jyoti Kotecha (Managing Director, C2MCI), Emily Albright (Program & Training Coordinator, C2MCI) and Megan Bruce (Research & Communication Coordinator, C2CMI).


Equity Diversity, Inclusion and Training (EDIT): The EDIT committee oversees the implementation of an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) framework to support engagement and representation of under-represented groups across the activities at the C2MCI. The EDIT committee is responsible for developing EDI, soft skills and research training initiatives and delivering these to C2MCI members and trainees. As part of its role the EDIT Committee develops and implements EDI workshops, webinars, and graduate courses, and will develop EDI guidelines.


Current Members: Dr. Cathleen Crudden (Queen’s University), Janine Mauzeroll (McGill University), Gang Zheng (University Health Network), Dana Nanan (HQP representative), Waruni Senanayake (HQP representative) and Jyoti Kotecha (Managing Director, C2MCI), and Emily Albright (Program and Training Coordinator, C2MCI).


Research Translation and Commercialization Committee (RTC): The RTC supports building industry partnerships to support commercialization of the C2MCI materials and supports external knowledge mobilization activities globally.


Current Members: To be determined. Please check in regularly for updates.

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