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Directors Message

Cathy Crudden

Dr. Cathleen Crudden

Scientific Director, Carbon to Metal Coating Institute

Welcome to the C2CMI! We are an interdisciplinary research, innovation and education initiative made possible by a $24 Million grant from the New Frontiers Research Fund-Transformation Program. Our institute is developing coating materials to enhance the stability of metals used for transportation, construction and green energy infrastructure (macro). We are developing new ways of manufacturing microelectronics (micro) and improving precision therapeutics for cancer treatment (nano). Our innovations will reduce construction and maintenance costs, contribute to next-generation manufacturing processes in the microelectronics industry, and result in safer, more effective  precision therapeutics for cancer treatment.

Our research makes meaningful contributions to UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG 9 & SDG11).  Specifically, our metal coating solutions will increase the longevity of construction, transportation and green energy infrastructure. This will support Canada’s move towards green energy and reduce demand for metal extraction processes, ultimately leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Further, more resilient metal infrastructure will reduce leaching of contaminates into the environment from corroding metals.


Our network partners include global academic research leaders from the disciplines of Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and Medicine. Our consortium of industry partners support scale up, advanced testing and knowledge mobilization. Our collaborators allow us to expand the already advanced training opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate researchers. Team members will have the opportunity to directly collaborate with global academic experts and leading industry partners, enabling advanced research and business skills.


Most importantly, our institute is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). In addition to embedding EDI principles in everything we do, we offer specific EDI fellowships to attract and promote equity deserving researchers.


As the Scientific Director, I am pleased to invite interested researchers and trainees to contact us and find out more about opportunities at C2MCI.

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