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Science Rendezvous - May 11th 2024, Kingston Leon's Centre

Visit the Carbon to Metal Coating Institute booth and discover how we are transforming the world of metals! We are an international and interdisciplinary institute that develops innovative coating materials for various applications. Our research spans from macro to micro to nano scales, covering transportation, construction, green energy, microelectronics, and cancer treatment. At our booth, you will see: 1) How our organic coatings protect metal surfaces from corrosion, by doing a simple experiment with pennies. 2) How we design new microelectronics manufacturing processes with a sample microprocessor to view and you can build your own model using LEGO. 3) How we prepare metal nanoclusters for cancer treatment and cell imaging; using UV light to demonstrate their properties and see videos of lighting up cells! Come and learn about the science and technology of metal coatings and how they can benefit society! 












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